Summoner Vanton
//guess what I’ve been doing~

//guess what I’ve been doing~

Why are you brown! You were perfect as purple! Then you and your monkey were like peanut butter and jelly! Change back D:

well as things go i actually disliked the color, and finally dye’s are working to dilute the color that was enforced by pix. also, I HATED WHEN PEOPLE KEPT CALLING ME A PURPLE PEOPLE EATER! D: <

*vanton finally exits the building of the hair salon it had taken hours to do but he was satisfied with the results*

"thank you so much man, very happy that they recommended you for this job, being purple was really taking its toll" with a smile he looked over himself. "i really cant believe he got my natural hair color from that image i cant wait to show people!" 

*walks down a busy street stopping outside a place iwth a strange spiraling colored tube out front*…. well this is the place monk mentioned… well this will take a few hours at least.

*goes into the yordle salon*

//working on getting him prettied up i suppose be back with images |D

…. what have i missed going on here o.o;

*working late nights at the institute make life outside the walls pass…*
what is going on D8

//so real life has been keeping me busy as heck sorry for so much inactivity everyone, will be back with things as life slows down :D


//ello, i was wondering since so many people are out and about if anyone is able to do any games of pathfinder and such. if interested send an ask.

//me and some friends need someone who can tough out a few games with people you most likely never met before owo;;

Do you have a personal library?




"I do, madame," the Grand General nodded. "More than one, in fact."

He quirked a brow. “Why do you ask?”


I - Oh my Inari… 

If it is not too much of a request, I would love to look through it. And no, I will not take anything or anything else- I would be simply pleased in just browsing such a marvelous and expansive collection! ❤


still in the jail…. some people tried to do what i did after.

i aint droppin the soap….